August, 15th 2007

News roundup of bad stuff from Colorado

– Liz Mair

I swear, I'll write about goings-on in a different state at some point soon. In the meantime, let me point to a couple of interesting items.

First, it appears that this story involving CO-Sen candidate Bob Schaffer having taking money from the guy running an organization that benefited from a vote dished out by Schaffer in his position as a member of the State School Board is getting worse. Looks like the same donor may have done some very, very dodgy stuff in Ohio. Looks like. Doesn't mean did. Doesn't mean that Schaffer is the bad guy people are making out. Irrespective of that, expect the "corruption" story to get played out a lot as we get nearer to November 2008. And expect it to hurt Schaffer.

Second, it appears that Mitt Romney has brought some really stunning people onto his team in Colorado. While I like Bill Owens (yes, I do), I really don't like Wayne Allard, and a reader has emailed in to mention that Bruce Benson, who is evidently Romney's Political And Finance Chair for Colorado, apparently once said (or so the Rocky Mountain News seems to think) that he wanted to kill his estranged wife. I guess he also got busted for DUI twice, and donated $1k to Bob Packwood.

I'm not going to beat up on a guy I don't really know much about, and I'm certainly not minded to do it in relation to getting busted for DUI since some people who I'm close to have gotten themselves into that particular mess (I'm also not going to bash Bob Packwood). But it is kind of odd that a guy who is running now as Mr. Family Values has a dude who said he wanted to kill his wife on his team-- even if that was many years ago (of course, it also seems weird to me that Romney had (has?) on his team a guy implicated in a major child abuse scandal in Utah, too, so what do I know?)


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