July, 27th 2007

News roundup

– Liz Mair

- Gordon Smith does have a credible Democratic challenger-- Oregon State House Speaker Jeff Merkley, who Pac NW readers will know is the guy who took back the Oregon House for the Dems last year (so this is kind of a big deal).

- Kos the cracksmoker says that Gordon Smith is a "Bush-enabler" (that crack must be good, because we all know that Smith has been dead set against the President on the number one issue for Kossacks-- i.e., the war-- for a long, long time now).

- We may not be getting a GOP YouTube debate after all because Giuliani and Romney don't want to take part. In my opinion, that sucks. I quite enjoyed the Dem YouTube debate, and the aftermath has certainly been interesting. I'd definitely like to see something similar in our party-- perhaps someone could ask if, you know, China is really family-friendly, Romney could say "yes" (since he's said he thinks they are before, because, you know, forcing everyone to have abortions and one child only is totally family-friendly) and then Rudy and McCain could collaborate to beat him over the head with the comment and remind everyone that the dude knows pretty much nothing about foreign policy and can't be trusted. And, if Fred Thompson could get to the point of announcing before then, he could use the debate as an excuse to spout off some of my favorite lines from the Hunt for Red October (like "Russians don't take a dump without a plan, son").

- Fred Thompson's a flasher!

- Subsidy-laden farm bill incorporating tax increase survives, Kind-Flake amendment to wean farmers off of subsidies and move them onto farm savings accounts fails. Expect a final vote on the charmingly spend-happy bill today.

- Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England is a pirate!

- One of my favorite footballers is leaving the team I support back in England-- this could make the summer even sadder for me as an Arsenal supporter, after Thierry Henry left for Barcelona last month.


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