July, 21st 2007

No confidence vote in Cameron?

– Liz Mair

Apparently, several Tory MPs are calling for a no confidence vote vis a vis David Cameron's leadership of the Conservative Party in the UK. I guess there are concerns that the Tories aren't doing too well even under popular Cameron's leadership, and the traditional base of the party is not happy.

I normally despise Ann Widdecombe, but she's got a point when she says that Cameron needs to give greater prominence to policies in areas like health (to be fair, she also said he needs to focus more on immigration and crime-- the former of which I absolutely do not agree with, unsurprisingly). One of the things that has most irked me about Cameron-- and don't forget, I voted for him-- has been his unwillingness to stick to the traditional Thatcherite line that more private health care is a good thing, and that we should be using the tax system to encourage that. Cameron made comments fairly soon after his election that he supported widespread use of the National Health Service and that Thatcherite policies on health (like giving tax benefits in respect of private health insurance) should be abandoned-- something with which I wholeheartedly disagree, since I don't think it's in taxpayers' interests to have as many people as possible relying on the public health service and it's definitely not in patients' interests to be relying on a system of care that frankly is, on the whole, abysmal.

I wouldn't go so far at this point as to say that David Cameron should be removed as leader (which is what a vote of no confidence is aimed at). But he hasn't been all I'd hoped for when I voted for him two years ago.


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