August, 27th 2007

Not sorry to see Alberto Gonzales go

– Liz Mair

I've been working on other stuff this morning, so am only just getting to writing on this.

So far as I am concerned, good riddance to Gonzo.

Gonzales was the lead man on some of the more serious efforts at infringement on civil liberties conducted during this administration, a less-than-slick operator who seemed incapable of presenting anything close to a coherent story on anything under questioning, and one of the worst human examples of the cliqueishness involved in the President's modus operandi-- which strangled effective government in the name of loyalty.

Unlike a lot of Gonzales-haters, I don't begrudge him jack when it comes to the US Attorney firings. As I wrote when that became an issue, the President can fire US Attorneys because he doesn't like the color of their underwear. Whether he fired them for political reasons, whimsical reasons, or job performance reasons is really irrelevant. The only thing that mattered, in relation to that "scandal" was that, as ever, the administration did a totally crap job of explaining itself, and ended up looking like they were up to something super-nefarious, instead of just looking like the slightly mean operators that they were.

I do, however, begrudge Gonzales where civil liberties are concerned. I'm no John Ashcroft fan, but I'll tell you what, Gonzo made him look like a hero. When that happens, I'm afraid it says nothing good about Ashcroft's successor.

Goodbye, Gonzo.


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