February, 16th 2011

On Scott Brown

– Liz Mair

I can't say this any better than Garrett Quinn, so I won't bother trying.  

Scott Brown went through something traumatic, something we wouldn't wish upon our worst enemy and he managed to rise above it. He is an exception to the norm though. Victims of child abuse struggle with it for their rest of their lives often suffering from depression and other aliments. Brown, somehow, managed to overcome his struggles and rise all the way to the U.S. Senate. This new memoir and interview with Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes will only humanize him more in the eyes of the Commonwealth. Experiencing something so personally traumatic and going public with it on such a large platform takes courage.


This book and this interview will show us that child abuse can happen to anyone, and it will show a side of Brown that the public never knew existed.

For my part, knowing and having known far too many people who were also the victims of sexual abuse as children, let me just say I think this is very gutsy on Brown's part.  It's incredibly important for people to see, as Garrett says, that abuse can happen to anyone, but even more critically, that one can move beyond it to lead a tremendously successful life.  It's not easy, to be sure, but it is possible, and Brown deserves credit for being willing to speak so candidly about this. [intro]


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