February, 12th 2010

Paul Akers set to air new ad

– Liz Mair

Bellingham businessman Paul Akers only just jumped into the race to replace Patty Murray in the US Senate, but he seems to be going all in, and quickly.  Yesterday, I got word that Akers had produced a new ad-- a positive, biography-focused piece.  That ad is now up on his website, but I am told it will also start airing Monday on FOX News.  Here it is:

My source says that avid FOX viewers in Washington could potentially see this ad a couple of times a day over the next several weeks.  Assuming that means it will make at least a few appearances when large numbers of viewers are tuned in, it should help raise Akers' name ID quite a bit-- something he'll need, especially should a better known name like Hutchison, Reichert or Rossi jump into the race.

Right now, Murray has a 52 percent approval rating according to Survey USA-- lower than she'd like, and indicative that the right Republican could have a shot at beating her.  Akers is smart to be getting his name out there beyond Republican insider circles now-- even if it's going to cost him some dough upfront. [intro]


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