July, 23rd 2009

Pawlenty on health care

– Liz Mair

Based upon a FOX appearance, I'd say he has issues both with Obama and, I would conjecture, Romney on the subject.

Re: Obama, he said of the (large) non-tax-hike-"paid for" portion of the current health care proposal:

The rest will be paid for by saving waste, fraud, and abuse. If you believe that, then I've got some January tee time in northern Minnesota.

Re: Romney, he said that the cost of the Massachsetts model "has nearly tripled in just 36 months and they're looking for an additional federal bailout...  It has not been successful in containing costs."

There are a lot of problems with what Romney ushered in in Massachusetts (and let there be no doubt, he did usher it in, with praise from Ted Kennedy who, of course, we're all supposed to see as the great thought-leader with regard to health care "solutions").  If Pawlenty is thinking of running for President (and I think he is), he's smart to start pointing out flaws with that system now. [intro]




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