March, 2nd 2010

Pete Domenici, Jr. responds re: "demographic" comment

– Liz Mair

Last night, I received a statement from Pete Domenici, Jr.'s campaign regarding the "demographic" comment he made in an interview with Jim Villanucci.  The New Mexico Democratic Party suggestively asked the question as to what Domenici was getting at with that comment, though the content of my inbox would suggest it raised some eyebrows outside of their headquarters, too.  In any event, here is the Domenici campaign's response:

"Barely has the campaign for governor left the starting gate that the Democrats are already showing their desperation to cleave to the New Mexico governorship by using their favorite tactic of last resort—the ‘race card.'

Sensing further Republican encroachment on their steadily dwindling support among Hispanic voters, the local Democrat Chairman Javier Gonzalez disingenuously attacked Mr. Domenici for answering a radio interviewer’s question about whether Susana Martinez, Republican gubernatorial candidate from a remote area of our very large state ‘has a geographical disadvantage in a statewide race.’ Domenici replied that because Ms. Martinez was from a distant southerly geographical county in the huge state, she was therefore ‘from a different demographic than the other four candidates’ who are all from Albuquerque—New Mexico’s largest and most centralized city. 

Desperate to trigger a cultural and racial divide, the democrat spokesman  tried to twist the geographically, economical, and statistical term ‘demographic’ into a mean-spirited racial epithet, even though the context of the interview was clear to any honest listener.  Mr. Domenici’s statistical term was only meant to explain a different geographical area in the state in the exact same manner the interviewer framed his geographical question about the area. 

Republicans are uniting this state as never before, and we will not sit idly by while desperate partisan democrats try and use the politics of race and division to make things in New Mexico even worse than they have in the economical and ethical categories.  Their days are numbered.”

The campaign also points to a recent New Mexico State University poll in which Domenici attracted about twice the support of Hispanics of any other contender in the GOP primary-- definitely an interesting trend and one he'll be keen to ensure persists. [intro]





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