October, 27th 2009

Pictures from Panama

– Liz Mair

I got back from Panama late on Sunday night, and I uploaded these pics yesterday.  I'm posting them here now for those who haven't already seen them.

A few observations: Panama City feels not dissimilar to both Beirut and Hong Kong in certain respects.  The dominant industries there are similar-- shipping and associated industries (Beirut) and banking (Hong Kong).  The skyline of course looks almost Hong Kong-like:

Each city is quite well off by comparison to the rest of the region in which it sits.  And Beirut also has a less than ideal public transport situation (a serious criticism coming from me). [intro]

The Panama Canal is of course one of the main draws:

But Panama also has a burgeoning eco-tourism industry, similar to its neighbor, Costa Rica.  It is still hardly developed to full capacity, but even within the Panama City limits, there's a big nature park where we went hiking and saw birds and a group of about 12 monkeys (no pictures of my own, but here's the Wikipedia page on the relevant variety). 

In addition, Panama City is home to Casco Viejo, effectively the old town, where a ton of restoration is currently underway (and where we took the bulk of our limited number of pictures):

All in all, a cool destination that I would recommend.


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