September, 14th 2007

Really bad news

– Liz Mair

According to Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post, Jeanne Shaheen will enter the NH Senate race today.

This is really bad news for my favorite Senator, John Sununu. As the Boston Herald reminds us:

In a Research 2000 poll in July, Shaheen led Sununu by 22 percentage points. The poll had Sununu beating each of the other Democrats, but with less than 50 percent support.

Shaheen also evidently has a 60 percent approval rating, compared to Sununu's 43 percent.

As such, Sununu supporters had better hope that Shaheen's previous open support for the Iraq War, and the conduct of the War on Terror put Democrats in the Granite State right off of her (the best thing for Sununu would be to run against Katrina Swett, who will have little statewide appeal).

This is not looking good, however. And after yesterday's news about Mark Warner running in VA, Republicans should be worried about getting cut down to 45 seats in the Senate, or fewer.


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