August, 13th 2007

Romney admits he misspoke re: sons' service

– Liz Mair

Jonathan Martin has the details, but the upshot is, Romney said that he misspoke when he appeared to compare his sons' service to his campaign to the service of our men and women in uniform.

Glad to see this. Silly it's taken five days for him to say he screwed up.

The problem the whole thing evidences is that a) Romney can majorly put foot in mouth (and it's not just liberals who commented on it, as I think Stephen Bainbridge accurately pointed out last week at Andrew Sullivan's blog), which means lotsa fodder for negative ads and other tomfoolery and b) like George Allen, he's been a bit slow to realize what he did-- which, admittedly in this instance was much more excusable than in George's because 1) he didn't use a racial slur and 2) he was trying to win a straw poll in the lapse of time. Still, it's not the best of signs, if you ask me.


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