August, 23rd 2007

Romney and abortion: more flipping

– Liz Mair

I meant to post on this yesterday, but didn't end up having time. In any event, it appears that Romney has flipped again on abortion. From ABC:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Tuesday in a Nevada television interview that he supports letting states "make their own decision" about whether to keep abortion legal.

"My view is that the Supreme Court has made an error in saying at the national level one size fits all for the whole nation," Romney told Nevada political columnist Jon Ralston in a televised interview. "Instead, I would let states make their choices."

Asked by Ralston if it was "OK" with him that Nevada is a "pro-choice state," Romney said, "I'd let states make their own decision in this regard. My view, of course, is I'm a pro-life individual. That's the position I support. But, I'd let states have this choice rather than let the federal government have it."

Hmmm. This YouTube clip from just a couple weeks ago shows that Romney recently said he actually supports a human life amendment to the Constitution, which would nix states' ability to set their own abortion laws by forcing a uniform, pro-life rule upon all fifty states:

So, in just a matter of two weeks, Romney has managed to reverse his position back to what it was just a couple of months ago:

Which of course was a move from his original, adamantly pro-choice position:

I can't say I'm surprised that Romney has moved again on the abortion issue, but I do hope that someone on this guy's campaign team is going to tell him, at some point, that he needs to pick a position and stick to it. There are varying degrees of pro-lifedom, just as there are varying degrees of pro-choicedom. In a matter of two to three years, Romney has covered all of them. That's just not a position that is going to be acceptable to voters-- conservative, liberal, moderate, libertarian, or anything else.

Maybe his ability to move so easily between positions on such an important issue is why 44% of voters will not vote for him, which I repeat is an even higher proportion than those who will not vote for Hillary Clinton.


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