August, 4th 2007


– Liz Mair

From the WSJ (subscription required):

[I]n New Hampshire this week Rudy Giuliani offered the outlines of his own health-care plan -- and even mentioned the free market.

The Republican Presidential candidate got right at the crux of the issue: the tax code. The health-care market is distorted because companies can deduct the costs of insurance but individuals cannot Mr. Giuliani suggests a tax deduction of $15,000 for families that buy their own insurance, and half that for individuals, thus restoring tax parity for health dollars.

Mr. Giuliani's plan would also involve health savings accounts, medical malpractice reform and nationalizing the insurance market. By his count, there are at least 1,900 state regulations or mandates that increase costs and restrict access. He's probably lowballing it. .

[I]t's an indication of the political appeal of consumer-driven health care that the Democrats immediately began attacking Mr. Giuliani.

I'm inclined to agree. RudyCare looks set to deliver up real, positive changes to health care in America. That's a powerful thing, and something that's going to freak out his opponents. Democrats will continue their attack, and watch for Romney, whose RomneyCare model is very similar to what Hillary, Obama and Edwards is proposing, to join in as well.


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