December, 16th 2010

Sen.-elect Toomey supports DADT repeal

– Liz Mair

And good on him, too:

“As I’ve said previously, my highest priority is to have the policy that best enables our armed services to do their job,” Senator-Elect Toomey said.  “Our civilian and professional military leadership have now spoken and said we should repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  I would support a free-standing measure to do so.”

As NRO's Daniel Foster correctly notes, assuming a freestanding DADT repeal bill passes the Senate this session (and it should-- it now has 61 pledged votes, including from the Maine Republican duo of Collins and Snowe, as well as Scott Brown and Lisa Murkowski), Toomey won't actually get a vote on this.  But that's hardly the point.  Toomey is widely-regarded as a rock-ribbed conservative (and though he's more known as an economic conservative, he is quite socially conservative, too).  So this sends a pretty powerful message, in my opinion.

Thank you, Pat Toomey.  [intro]


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