June, 5th 2009

Shameless self-promotion

– Liz Mair

Those who read this blog and who follow me on Twitter may know I have been out of the country recently, having traveled back to Scotland for a much-needed holiday on May 22.

That same day, Michael Calderone at Politico penned this piece, which kindly mentions and quotes me.  So, this is belated thanks... and shameless self-promotion.  Here's the relevant excerpt:

While The Huffington Post and GOP leadership make strange bedfellows, it’s not the first time Republicans have worked closely with top liberal bloggers when both interests could be served.


Liz Mair, the RNC’s online communications director through 2008, said in an e-mail that she aggressively reached out to liberal news sites, including The Huffington Post and Talking Points Memo.


“While I certainly never expected left-of-center sites to echo our message,” Mair wrote, “giving them access to information or background they needed to report accurately (if not favorably) was certainly something I thought of (and think of) as useful, given that their audience is not solely comprised of Democratic activists, and given that storylines that begin on left-of-center blogs frequently find their way onto the nightly news and into other outlets where a lot of swing voters get their information.”


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