April, 9th 2010

Staff changes: Sean Salazar's Campaign Manager resigns

– Liz Mair

Debra Churchill, Campaign Manager for Sean Salazar, one of the Republicans running for US Senate this year, has resigned from the campaign.

Here's the full text of the letter, as obtained earlier:


Sean Salazar
US Senate Candidate
[Address redacted]



April 2, 2010


To my Dear Friend,

Sean it has been a great journey over the last seventeen months.  Together we have given you needed name recognition throughout the GOP, spread the message of the importance of campaigning to the inner cities, and developed relationships with wonderful people throughout the state.

We should truly celebrate our success.  However, we have come to a point in the campaign that it must move to the next level. I have concluded that I am not that person.  I lack the political connection necessary to move your campaign forward.  It is because of this and with a heavy heart that I resign effective April 24, 2010.

I am committed to work with you for a smooth transition.  Roma and I are here to give you assistance whenever needed.

God Bless and Good Luck



Debra Churchill, Campaign Manager

Sean Salazar for U.S. Senate

“Independent Leadership:

Representing the Voice of the people”

[hidden email]




My understanding is that Ms Churchill will continue to be involved in grassroots efforts to oust Patty Murray this year, just not in her previous capacity.

Her resignation, of course, will have people wondering whether some thinning of the packed Senate field can be expected over the coming days-- and indeed speculating that Republican campaigns are backing off amid speculation that Dino Rossi is about to jump in the race.

Based upon what I am hearing, the former bit of speculation could be fair; the latter is not necessarily so, however. [intro]



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