July, 20th 2007

Still bad news for Sununu in NH

– Liz Mair

If you didn't know already, John Sununu is my favorite Senator, and if he loses next year, I'm going to cry for days on end. So, I'm not happy about seeing polls like this. A new WMUR/CNN poll shows that if ex-Governor and 2002 Senate candidate Jeanne Shaheen ran again in 2008 against Sununu, she'd get 54%, and he'd get 38%.

That's bad news, however, it's not nearly as bad as what some polls a few weeks back were saying, which is good (in a sick and twisted way). Sununu may be seriously in a hole right now, but at least he seems to be digging out of it, slowly but surely.

The good news in this poll is that 45% of independents favor Shaheen, but 40% favor Sununu. With Sununu carrying 80% support amongst Republicans, essentially what this means is that he needs to get his GOP numbers up a bit more, and then pick off some independents. And, then, we'll be in another close race, just like 2002.

Frankly, I've got to believe this will happen. If it doesn't, we've reached a true low point in politics in this country. Sununu has gotten into trouble purely by virtue of having an "R" after his name, because the President (who everyone in New Hampshire seems to utterly revile, and not without reason) also has an "R" after his name. The irony is that while Democrats try to portray Sununu as a Bush clone, he's about the furthest thing from it. If he loses because people are fed up with Bush, and Bushite Republicans, that will be extremely sad...


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