June, 3rd 2010

Surprise! Don Benton did the thing he totally was never, ever, like NEVER, going to do!

– Liz Mair

So, Don Benton took to the air tonight on KING5 for a big announcement.  Speculation on the Twitters was that he'd be dropping out of the Washington Senate race. Said speculation was reinforced by Benton's own Twitter feed.

Forgive me for yawning. I've heard that a certain "politically savvy" Benton fan whose name rhymes with "Belly" trashed me a couple months ago using four and five letter words typically applied to women that aren't very nice for suggesting that Benton would do just this shortly after Dino Rossi entered the Senate race.  After all, Benton's fundraising was so stellar (he managed a weak $130,000 raised in two months of campaigning).  And Benton was at least seen to imply he wouldn't drop out just last week.

But full credit to Benton: This was the smart move, and he didn't hang about creating difficulties for himself or for Rossi.  He exits the race in good standing with Washington Republicans.  I certainly think well of him for doing this. [intro]


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