November, 15th 2007

Tax silliness...

– Liz Mair

... from Florida:

This week’s callous budget slashing and the downright laughable property tax “cut-reform” mess merely illustrate what 43 of the United States already know: Florida needs a state income tax, a graduated, progressive income tax. It seems so obvious if you’re not rich like 90% of the people in this state: taxes should be based on one’s ability to pay. It’s doable if you have the political will. Even the most Republican state of all has an income tax (and property taxes to boot): Utah. If I were Governor, I’d go all out to enact an income tax and this week I’d be proposing a budget that increases state spending by a billion dollars, not slashing it one billion. The money would go to phase out property taxes, fund high quality socialized early education for all two, three and four year olds, class size reductions and parent training courses for all high school students and all other imminent parents.

Liberals, eh? It's always tax, tax tax, spend, spend, spend.

Seriously, though, it's hard to know what really to say about this. I come from one of the other apparently idiotic seven states (that's Washington, for those just tuning in) that does not have an income tax. We've always managed just fine, provided that no one gets too excited about hiking property or sales taxes.

Which I'd imagine appeals to this guy, who apparently is dumb enough to think that high school students are "imminent parents" (seriously, go back and read the last sentence). I guess teenage pregnancy is running at about 99% down there...

Separate (snarky) question: why bother with the parent training courses at all, if kids are going to start going to school at 2? Mom and Dad only need to be able to make it through the first 2 years, then it's up to that high quality socialized system to deal with the kids for 8 hours or whatever of every day (my guess is this guy probably also supports universal pre- and post-school daycare, so actually, let's bump that up to 10 hours out of every day).

UPDATE: a reader helpfully points out that this guy probably meant "indigent." Just as well, then, that he's not setting up new educational schemes in the Sunshine State.


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