July, 27th 2007

That big, bad social liberal... churchgoers still prefer him

– Liz Mair

From my hometown paper:

Among 1,204 Republicans and those who lean Republican, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani leads former Sen. Fred Thompson (29% to 19%) in a national primary. Among the 480 who attend church every week, Giuliani edges out Thompson 24% to 20%. Among the 420 who seldom or never attend church, Giuliani leads 33% to 18%.

At some point, this poll, and the trend it represents, which has been shown in other polls, is actually going to get noticed by pundits who claim that Giuliani will never-- NEVER-- be acceptable to hardly any religious voters. While I freely accept that James Dobson and Tony Perkins are never going to be wild about Giuliani (in the latter's case, I'd guess not just on social issues points alone since the guy has never been wild about things like private Social Security accounts, from what I hear), it's getting pretty clear that their perspectives are not necessarily representative of the entirety, or even 80-90%, of religious voters.


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