October, 9th 2007

The debate starts

– Liz Mair

... and Fred just stumbled on the word "recession," which he seems to have forgotten. But, he has leapt into talking about excessive spending, which I appreciate. Sadly, he doesn't seem to be doing much of a good job at explaining why so many people think that we're headed into a recession.

Oh-- Romney thinks it's everyone's duty to solve the problem of large numbers of home foreclosures in Michigan, including the government's. He is giving a lot of good Michigan-specific chat, though, and I expect that will play well.


And Romney just pulled the protectionist line about embedded tax breaks (sounds a lot like "let's penalize the foreigners" to me).

And Rudy's on to bashing Democrats. And introducing his disgruntlement at the Yankees result into the debate, too. Good stuff.


Ron Paul's talking gold standard, which no one except for him and five other people get. However, I still think he's doing a better job of explaining why 2/3 think we're heading into a recession than Fred did. Oh-- and he's managed to bring it all back to foreign policy. Whoopee!!

Paul just got a big round of applause, too!

McCain's talking jobs, and getting on to health care and Social Security. Smart stuff, but McCain sounds a little shaky. He's on to pork, as well, and what the President should veto-- good stuff-- and how stupid it is that we want to take care of kids while getting people to smoke. I am not sure that him saying that the tax system is fair is a good idea, though-- Michigan strikes me as a little more economically populist than Arizona.


Huckabee's talking fair tax. I still think this is a bit of a foil to distract from his weak economic record, but he makes it sound good. Huckabee is doing a good job of tapping into angst about the economy, too, which-- although this is playing on CNBC and I wouldn't expect that constituency to dig Huckabee-- seems like something that's going to work well with the immediate audience.

Hunter's complaining about the Chinese again. I don't disagree with him about the threat, but I do disagree with him about the tariffs.


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