October, 27th 2009

The ongoing joy that surrounds everything IL-Sen

– Liz Mair

Wow.  I missed this yesterday, but my friend Dave Weigel got ahold of the transcript of the Senate Homeland Security Committee's recent hearing on czars, and Sen. Roland Burris-- you know, the guy who took over President Obama's Senate seat when Rod Blagojevich appointed him, the one that may soon be filled by (IMO) ethically challenged stereotypical Chicago pol and Obama chum Alexi Giannoulias-- had a whole lot of incomprehensible to say.  Dave writes:

Studded with phrases like “this is the meat that caused us political scientists to even exist” and “I’m certainly going read each and every one of you all’s testimony,” Burris’s questioning is almost impossible to understand.

I'll say.

More from Burris' own mouth:

Thank you, Mr. Chairman, this is — this is — I mean this is. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I’m done.


So, Mr. President (sic), I really don’t have many questions, I just — I got more questions than I have answers, Mr. Chairman, in reference to this, because I — I just sit here and listen to the experts talk, and every time there was a statement made, there’s a — there’s a new question come to my mind, well, what about this? What ifs — What if? What if? And — and so, I find this so fascinating...


I don’t know how I’m going to get back to — to, you know, the hearing again to try to follow up on this but, Mr. Chairman, I would imagine that our grandchildren are going to be still wrestling with this same problem.


Based on the fact that — especially the House of Representatives, since they stand for re-election every two years and senators much longer, you — you have this constant power struggle as who is really representing the people and what that representation is going to mean when it gets to the — the policy decision that’s going to impact the public.

Virtually everything connected to and surrounding Obama's old Senate seat feels like a gift from heaven for Republicans these days.  But even those not gunning for Mark Kirk to succeed Burris and replace someone whose performance in this particular hearing certainly looks absurd at best must be pleased to know that a guy who doesn't even seem to know how long a Senator-- you know, like him-- serves for will soon be out of a job one way or another.

UPDATE: Marathon Pundit says that Burris has already constructed his mausoleum and suggests that the "Thank you... this is — this is — I mean this is... I'm done" quotation might suit it rather well.  Certainly better than it did a Senate hearing, I'll bet...

UPDATE NO.2: Via The Right Scoop, here's the video of Burris babbling:

Warning before you click on this: It's a tad painful.  Especially at the end.



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