April, 12th 2010

Today's Dumb Comment Award goes to...

– Liz Mair

... Washington Senate contender, state Sen. Don Benton who is one of the myriad Republicans ostensibly running with the goal of replacing three-term incumbent and do-nothing Harry Reid Deputy, Patty Murray.

In a chit-chat with Politico's Dave Catanese, Benton apparently said this:


Benton warned that Rossi might find the 2010 campaign a less hospitable environment than he expects.

“Democrats have already attacked Dino. He doesn’t have any money in the bank, he doesn’t have any money raised. He doesn’t have the foundation. The talent pool is pretty much committed for this election cycle. It’s too late for him to become a viable candidate in this race,” Benton said, adding: "I think he would make an excellent governor and hope he decides to run for governor again.”

(emphasis mine)



I don't get up in the morning and think about ways to be a snarky bitch to politicians back home, but here's the thing, Sen. Benton.  If you haven't noticed, Patty Murray raised $1 million last quarter and has about $6 million on hand. 


By contrast, you raised $130,000.  Yes, indeed.


Yeah, I know there was a special session in the legislature and stuff.  I get it.  That can be a real drag on fundraising.


But here's the thing: Dino Rossi isn't in the state legislature.  And in other statewide campaigns he's run, he's been able to compete, financially, with the Democrat and raise big money.


And other GOP Senate contenders who, like you, aren't loaded with fat wads of cash have nonetheless managed to do innovative or at least attention-grabbing things to propel their candidacies.  I haven't seen that from you.


So when I hear you talking about how Dino Rossi just isn't viable, I have to scratch my head and be like "huh?"


What would be a lot smarter would be to get out there and raise some dough, instead of trash-talking a fairly beloved Republican to the point where a bunch of people you'd think would be part of your base actually email me to complain about what a dumb move you made.


Viability isn't measured by who says they've got it the most, or the loudest.  It's measured by, you know, being viable.  Rossi polls better than you against Murray, and is widely considered to have better fundraising prospects than you.  If you want to prove otherwise, prove it.  Alternatively, slightly more believable comments are a good option, and one I'd recommend. [intro]



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