November, 30th 2009

Today's Master of the Obvious Award

– Liz Mair

Via Marc Ambinder, it seems that there's a little poking-fun email circulating among White House staffers focused on Politico's shortcomings as a publication. It doesn't sound to me like there's a full-on war being waged by the White House Comms staff against it, just a bit of innocent teasing, but still, there's obviously some disgruntlement or at least bemusement, including apparently about the fact that Politico might be "more obsessed with personality than policy." 

Look, every publication, including this blog (and Marc's and Ben Smith's and anyone's else's or indeed the site or publication that hosts any such commentary), is bound to have some deficiencies.  About all I can say about this is that I'm exceedingly glad that the White House press folks have figured out, 11 months into a presidency and in many cases after a couple of years of campaigning for it, that this isn't, you know, this.  That should be a helpful insight for them to have as they proceed with undertaking media relations on behalf of the President of the United States over the remaining three years of this term. [intro]


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