September, 19th 2011

WA Daily Bullet Points: Solyndra! Polls!

– Liz Mair

Items of interest out of WA over the past 24 hours (or so):

  • More people support liquor sale privatization than oppose it, per a new Strategies 360 poll (however, opposition may be increasing);
  • Lots of people want to tax medical marijuana (also, lots of people seem cool with allowing folks to use pot for whatever purpose);
  • And more people like McKenna than Inslee for governor.  The pushback on that from the Inslee camp seems to be that Inslee just isn't as well-known, but people who know him like him.  That Inslee is less well-known is probably true (McKenna is, after all, a statewide official).  But the people who know Inslee and like him are presumably more liberal, Western Washington types which isn't necessarily indicative of his ability to build a broad base, something McKenna has already done well enough to win statewide-- that's what Dominic Holden thinks anyway, and I think he's right;
  • Finally, as Dominic notes, at the same time as they seem to want McKenna to take over from Gregoire (or at least more so than Inslee), Evergreen Staters want to legalize the gay love to the maximum degree.  Finally, a poll out of WA, two of whose main conclusions I totally agree with... [intro]


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