September, 23rd 2011

WA Daily Bullet Points, With A Picture!

– Liz Mair

What's happening in WA:

  • The P-I's Joel Connelly calls President Obama's private visit to the Seattle area a "public insult."
  • Gov. Gregoire says“We cannot take … a pacman approach to the budget" (a.k.a., no tinkering around the edges or minor cuts; programs need to go).
  • WA Rs are like "uh, no" in response to Dem requests that they keep an open mind on taxes.
  • Although Obama's events around town are private, some local interest groups are still hoping to focus his attention on their causes.  How?  Well, the folks at Save Our Wild Salmon are deploying this fish on wheels. So, have some of that.

(Photo via The Stranger). [intro]



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