September, 15th 2011

WA Daily Bullet Points

– Liz Mair

Today, in WA:

  • A Moore Information poll indicates Sen. Maria Cantwell could be in trouble as she heads into her 2012 re-election battle.  Per the Everett Herald's write-up, the survey "found only 38 percent think the two-term incumbent deserves re-election while 46 percent say it's time for a new person in the job." Moore is a Republican outfit; its voter sample for this poll split like this: 32 percent Democrat; 22 percent Republican; 46 percent Independent.  54 percent of respondents were women. 
  • Bloomberg reporter Phillip Yin is interested in running against Cantwell.
  • The Kochtopus narrative has hit the McKenna campaign: Publicola noted that a donor reported to have donated to a Koch brothers effort also donated to McKenna; Dems responded tweeting "So much for that whole moderate thing;" Rs responded to that by noting some interesting donation tidbits relevant to said Dems and the Inslee campaign andthe matter of donor transparency.  For the record, my view is that nothing confirms that someone is engaged in the active spreading of right-wing Nazi political ideas and policy like donating $20 million to the ACLU or spending about $100 million on a theater-renovation project.  But, hey... [intro]


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