September, 20th 2011

WA Daily Bullet Points

– Liz Mair

News worth noting today:

  • Further scrutiny of that Strategies 360 poll shows that Inslee's support is a touch soft at present in King County.  McKenna's team says to win, Inslee will need to "run the table" there; Inslee's team is not worried. My bet: Inslee will shore up support in King County pretty quickly and well, but anecdotal evidence suggests that McKenna doesn't have quite the bad rap that most Republicans do with some King County voters;
  • President Obama is fundraising in Medina and at the Paramount;
  • The Seattle City Council has approved three tunnel agreements, and the long-running Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement drama seems to be over.  This will anger several "Friends of Liz," who happen to be staunch tunnel opponents. [intro]


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