July, 30th 2007

WaPo screw up of this morning

– Liz Mair

In a blog that appears here, the WaPo's Ed O'Keefe reports in relation to the GOP YouTube debate:

Romney was particulary concerned that one of the user-submitted questions (on the environment) came from a snowman. But now Romney is in discussions with CNN about attending. Rudy Giuliani has expressed similar concerns, and has suggested he may also snub the debate.

O'Keefe is right in terms of his reporting on Romney. But, he seems to have completely screwed up in implying that Giuliani has a problem with taking questions from snowmen. In fact, as MSNBC reported on Friday-- via First Read, edited by Chuck Todd, who I consider to be a very in-the-know political insider--Giuliani said “scheduling issues” would likely keep him away; McCain called questions from a snowman “frankly inappropriate”; and Romney said “the presidency ought to be held at a higher level than having to answer questions from a snowman.”

Got that? McCain didn't like the idea of taking questions from a snowman, and Romney thought it was demeaning to him as a candidate (oh dear, poor Mitt, being disgraced so horribly by an inanimate object). Giuliani just thought that the date of the debate was too close to the end of the fundraising quarter.

It's hard for me to imagine that the WaPo would have confused McCain and Giuliani. But maybe Mr. O'Keefe in writing his piece just assumed that the people objecting to the format of the debate would be the same two people who said they'd planned to skip it.

But, we all know what happens when you assume-- "u" make an "ass" out of "u" and "me."


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