March, 5th 2010

Washington State Democratic Party FAIL

– Liz Mair

From the Seattle Weekly... (For the uninformed, Rob McKenna is Washington's current Attorney-General and, in my humble opinion, it is exceedingly likely that he runs for Governor in 2012):

The state Democratic party seems to have outsmarted itself. It bought the url with plans to turn it into an attack site on the man Republicans consider one of their brightest stars.

But when the page went live by accident, resulting in a lot of embarrassing press yesterday, the Democrats quickly took it down and created a redirect.

So with all that publicity, where did the Dems decide to send all the traffic coming to the site--the Democratic National Committee perhaps? Democratic Governor Christine Gregoire's own Web page? No, that would make too much sense.

Instead the Dems sent people to, i.e., the Attorney General's own promotional site, thereby sending traffic to the very man they're trying to defeat. (McKenna has not yet announced a run for governor, but rumors abound in both parties.)

Democratic party chair Dwight Pelz had no comment today about the maneuver, except to say that the party's technical director, Misty Shock, had settled on this "solution" after being called about a Seattle Times story.

The Democrats' unfinished site was first uncovered by a Bellevue social media consultant named Steve Lawson, who blogged about it yesterday. The site was revealed by Lawson to be an amateurish work in progress, lambasting McKenna for, of all things, the volume of press releases he puts out, leaving blank spaces to fill in the number per day and amount paid to his three communications staffers. Another page was set aside for McKenna's position on abortion but contained only the words "content pending."

You can still see some of the original Web pages on Lawson's site

Wow.  FAIL. [intro]


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