February, 16th 2010

Welcome to the AZ-Sen primary, JD Hayworth

– Liz Mair

If JD Hayworth thought that primarying John McCain was going to be fun, well, it looks like it may not be all that.

From McCainland today:

“This is Michael Medved for The scandal-scarred background of former Congressman J.D. Hayworth makes him an unworthy primary challenger to Senator John McCain. His deep involvement in the Abramoff lobbying disaster, and six-figure payments to his wife more through a Political Action Committee, led voters to scorn Hayworth in 2006 -- despite a GOP registration edge of more than 60% in his solidly Republican district. Hayworth’s controversial book on immigration quoted approvingly from racial theories of Henry Ford during Ford’s pro-Nazi phase; the publisher reported sales of less than a thousand. On the key issue of spending, McCain has always been a deficit hawk and never sponsored an earmark; Hayworth was a notorious pork barrel spender. In the unlikely event that Hayworth won the primary he’d be unelectable in the fall -- just as in his last Congressional race -- handing a crucial Senate seat to Democrats.” Michael Medved, 2/15/10

This will be the McCain campaign argument that you will hear over, and over and over, and to my mind, it's a good one: Abramoff ties + extremism (as opposed to mere toughness) on immigration and immigration-related issues + big spending instincts and track record = FAIL.  [intro]


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