December, 14th 2010

What's in Michael Steele's images directory for his re-elect site?

– Liz Mair

This afternoon, I got a tip from a self-described Maria Cino fan, one "Maggie O'Hooligan" (yes, I see what they did there).  Michael Steele's images directory related to his re-election site was available for review by visiting this page!!!  Ooh, the temptation of finding secret pictures of Michael Steele himself partying in a lesbian-bondage-themed Hollywood night club!

Not so fast... the thousands (I'm guessing-- review the screenshots way, way below and judge for yourself) of images are actually interesting in a rather different way, namely insofar as they seem to rebut an assertion being made by Steele and his folks prior to the election.  That whole Fire Pelosi! bus tour was supposed to be solely about helping Republican candidates across the country, right?  It wasn't at all supposed to a stealth Steele re-election tour, right?

Wrong... or at least its purpose as between then and now has morphed.  Pretty much every picture I opened (and I didn't open them all because I have work to do and things) is of Steele on the tour.  And, of course, they're sitting in the images directory of his re-election website.

Shocka!  Or, not really...

What's more shocking to me, actually, is that among the pictures, one finds images of Steele with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ron Paul, and Don King, among others.  Steele gets kudos from me for the first two because both are so reviled by so many Republicans (and I bet money a bunch of prospective Chairmen wouldn't be too keen to be seen grinning with Ah-nuld, in particular, these days).  With regard to the Don King photo, though, well, that is just kind of shockingly awesome.

Anyway, go check the photos out if you feel so inclined.  And remember, the Fire Pelosi! bus tour really was about saving someone's job after all... maybe yours, maybe yours and Michael Steele's, or maybe just Michael Steele's!  It's all in the eye of the beholder...

UPDATE: I should clarify that I fully recognize that "Don King" below doesn't quite look like the actual Don King of boxing fame.  But that's how the file was labeled, so I decided to make a funny/compliment Steele in semi-quirky fashion, leveraging the Steele people's own description...

UPDATE NO. 2: A boxing fan who reads this blog notes that in fact the picture below is of Don King-- who he also notes is a big Republican.  OK.




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