October, 9th 2007

Who won the debate?

– Liz Mair

Fred exceeded expectations, sure, but I'm not sure he won. He KO'd Romney with that last line, which I liked, but I'm not sure the rest was a total home run.

I think Rudy won-- just. But he didn't distinguish himself as much as he should have.

McCain also did well, despite evidently not being able to hear half of the questions.

Romney lost by being forced to concede that Rudy had a great fiscal record in New York, and by looking like a desperate, scripted, [expletive] with his Fred "joke" at the end. And Fred's comeback made it worse, since that looked utterly unscripted and improvised.

Note that in the post-debate spin room chat with Larry Kudlow, he also refused to name a single program he would cut. Couldn't name one. Wants to rely on a comprehensive audit once elected.

That's not the kind of guy I vote for, I'm afraid. But we all knew that, already.


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