July, 27th 2007

Who would have attended the Manchester GOP's gun firing party?

– Liz Mair

Apparently, had it not been for a scheduling conflict, Giuliani might have.

Lefty publications seem to have gone ballistic over the Manchester GOP doing a fundraiser where people pay $25 to get in and then rent guns like Uzis to fire. So, of course, that Giuliani might have attended, had he not already been booked out for that day, is big and scary news for them.

I raise this subject principally because after days and days of coverage regarding the fundraiser, it seems to me that people are seriously freaking out about something that really isn't a big deal. So people want to go fire big, scary military guns at some firing range and donate some money to a political party while they do it? Well, when my mother and I were in Vietnam a few years ago, we rented an AK-47 and fired that. And personally, while I'm a pretty poor shot (my mother, on the other hand, is scarily excellent), I thought it was kind of fun firing off the AK and honestly would probably consider doing it again, here at home, for an hour or something on the weekend, just for a bit of entertainment.

People seem to be thinking that anyone showing interest in firing big, scary guns means that they're homicidal maniacs, and that whatever group is sponsoring the event is comprised of crazy militiamen hell bent on training themselves for all out warfare with the US government or some nonsense. That is almost certainly beyond factually incorrect.

Neither my mother nor I have any interest in taking down the US government, or killing any of our fellow citizens (OK, I think we're both rather government-skeptical, but we're just as far away from Timothy McVeigh as is Oprah Winfrey, in my estimation). We're also not generally typified as crazy gun nuts (certainly, I have met people who are much more gun-obsessive than us). Yet an event that just might appeal to people like us is being treated, based on some comments made in response to an article on this subject in the New Hampshire Union Leader, as appealing only to the extreme right and evidencing that Republicans didn't learn the lesson of the 2006 election.

It's a sad day when gun control fanatics decide that the recreational use of guns is something that appeals only to the extreme right, a minority in this country, and that the 2006 election was a referendum on guns and gun control. I guess the person who made that comment may not have noticed, but a lot of the Democrats who won office in 2006 were not anti-gun at all-- see Jon Tester, for example-- and the election was much more a referendum on Iraq, and a Republican party that had completely lost sight of our principles and priorities (cutting spending and taxes, not prioritizing votes on gay marriage and renaming post offices).


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