April, 5th 2011

Worth remembering, if the government shuts down

– Liz Mair

Speculation is rife in Washington, DC, today that we're headed for a government shutdown.

Frankly, at this point, I'm struggling to see how we avoid one.

The House passed HR1, the Continuing Resolution, which was necessary because Democrats, when they controlled both chambers of Congress as well as the White House, couldn't get it together to pass an actual budget (what a bunch of clowns).

The Democratic-controlled Senate, of course, won't pass HR1.  

The Republican-controlled House now, in an effort to avert a shutdown placed on the cards because of the Senate's inaction under Harry Reid, has offered up another stopgap measure that would fully fund defense for the remainder of the year but would otherwise cut $12 billion-- not a huge sum.

And this morning, we learn the White House has said "no dice" to that, just like they've been seen to say "no dice" to compelling Harry Reid and Senate Democrats to avert a government shutdown by getting serious about the CR.

If the government shuts down as now seems likely, it's worth remembering that that's a situation created by Democrats who refused to deal.  And that the White House didn't merely allow this to happen, they wanted it, and proved that by saying "no" to a measure specifically designed to avert a shutdown after they and other Democrats failed to do their jobs in the first place.

UPDATE: Boehner's spokesman's read seems to be about the same as mine: "If the WH rejects a sensible, 1-week funding bill, they are significantly increasing the chances of the govt. shutdown."  Yep.  [intro]


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